God is Never Too Busy for You

Posted by Erin K Casey on June 24, 2013 in Faith, Inspiration |

too-busy“He’s tied up working on his next book for the next several weeks. I’m sorry. I know he’d reconsider once the book is released, but right now he’s just too busy for an interview.”

You’ve got to be kidding. I thought, looking at the disappointing email.

Two months earlier, I’d reached out to the semi-famous author for an interview about his upcoming book. My editor wanted an article, a short piece to tease his new work, and she wanted it before the book released.

I knew getting this guy to talk to me would be a challenge. He has mastered the art of protecting his time from outside requests. To an extent, his concern for his time seems reasonable. He wants to focus his hours and energy on his goals. I get that. I even read his first book and tried to follow the system he outlined for weeding most emails, phone calls and interruptions out of his life. He’s all for initiating communication when it serves his purpose. But unless you’re summoned, don’t bother calling him.

Now what? After numerous emails and phone calls to the author and his assistant, I’d struck out… at least for the time being. My deadline would come and go before he would even “reconsider.”

It wasn’t the first (or the last) time someone rejected an interview request. I couldn’t understand it. Don’t these people know this kind of positive publicity only helps them? I wasn’t working for The Enquirer;my magazine isn’t interested in scandals or exposés. It highlights positive stories, helpful information, and motivational advice. If you’re invited to be featured, it’s because we want to share our excitement for what you’re up to—we want to tell people good things about you.

I’m still surprised at how many people are just “too busy” to be bothered to take 15-20 minutes to speak to me for an interview. Even emailing responses to a few questions is too much to ask. Their message is clear: “Your goals, your assignment, you are not important enough to me right now. If you can be of assistance to me in the future, I’ll be in touch.”

Call Any Time

How different those rejections are from the meeting I had this morning. Like always, I prepared myself for the call by learning about the celebrity. I like to have a good feel for what the other person’s interests and values are—understanding what a subject cares about allows for a meaningful discussion.

Reading about what He’s accomplished so far blew me away. The impact He’s made on the world—not just the Western world, the entire world—makes others’ achievements look pitiful by comparison.

I also read that He never turns down a request for a meeting. He has one requirement: you have to go through His Son to speak to Him. But His Son has the same open-door policy and personally answers every call. How refreshing! (You can’t imagine how hard it can be just to get a busy person’s assistant on the phone.)

I met His Son a while back. His story is amazing, too. So incredible in fact, that a lot of people have a hard time buying into it. But in my research on Him, I’d learned that every bit of His story is true. And, still, with all the fame He’s accumulated, His humility and genuine care for others make Him easy to talk to. I can call Him up anytime and He puts me right through to His Father—the God of the universe. Talk about having connections!

You never have to schedule a meeting to talk with God. He is never too busy to talk with you; if fact, He wishes you’d call more often… He misses you and says to tell you He loves you.

“In him [Christ Jesus] and through faith in him we may approach God with freedom and confidence.” —Ephesians 3:12

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